Blue Bag Organics

What Is Compostable? 
Food waste and food-soiled paper are compostable. They should be placed in the Blue Bag Organics liner.

Food waste and food-soiled paper includes:

Spoiled leftovers Paper cups and plates   
Meat and meat bones Paper towels and napkins   
Poultry and poultry bones Waxed paper and parchment paper   
Vegetable scraps Wax-coated paperboard
packaging and containers 
Fruit scraps Refrigerated foods  Refrigerated-foods
Egg and nutshells   Frozen foods  
Fruit stones   Takeout and to-go containers
(not styrofoam; metal handle removed)
Coffee grounds and filters   Pizza boxes  
Tea leaves and tea bags    Dairy products  dairy-products
Butter and margarine wrappers