Blue Bag Organics

Compostable Blue Bag Organics liners
withstand sun, rain and rigors of collection

The magic to our Blue Bag Organics curbside composting system is the special Blue Bag Organics liner that delivers seemingly opposite performance characteristics: good puncture and tear resistance for you, and fast decomposition for compost.

Each Blue Bag Organics liner is made from a proprietary blend of bioplastics composed of corn syrup and polymers. These are renewable ingredients, unlike the petroleum used to make typical plastic bags that don’t biodegrade. Later, microbes found in soil devour the Blue Bag Organics bags and convert them to compost.

The proprietary resin makes Blue Bag Organics bags durable and shelf-stable. They can withstand sunlight and rain. But when they are buried at an industrial composting facility, especially under warm compost soil, Blue Bag Organics bags disintegrate in about 45 days.

Blue Bag Organics liners are certified by the Biodegradable Products Institute.

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